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My name is Kevin Clark and I recently purchased a new set of nakashima clubs (Driver through wedges). I've now converted my entire bag to Nakashima! I wanted to send this note to thank Nakashamia, and specifically thank Jason, for taking such good care of me during this process. Jason has been a pleasure to work with and has really made me feel comfortable with my new clubs. He has also given me a few insights into my swing which will pay dividends. I'm a huge fan of Nakashima Golf .... Keep up the great work.

Kevin - Ripon, CA

Russel is wonderful. He is patient and knowledgeable. The fitting and swing analysis is state of the art. There is a wide variety of shaft and head combinations available for every swing speed and type. I am very pleased with my driver I have discovered that if you hit a Nakshima Driver on the golf course with a sub-optimal swing, the quality and distance of the ball flight will pleasantly surprise you.

Mark - Soquel, CA

I was looking to replace my steel shafted irons (high-end fitted set) and after talking to Stacy at Nakashima Golf I decided to get fit and ordered the NP3 iron heads and the 95 gram fiber steel iron shafts. Wow, they are the best set of irons I have ever played. I am a Sr (over 55 years old and a 5 Hdcp) and the light weight shafts have proven to be the best thing for my game. I didn't think 20 grams lighter would make such a difference. The irons are easy to hit, and distance control is amazing. I didn't think there could be that much of a difference in each of the shafts from the old iron set but after Stacy measured each shaft from my old set I found the frequency of each shaft to be so different. Now my new NP3 frequency matched irons have been in my bag for about 3 months I am truly amazed and I no longer have a favorite iron, rather I like all of the irons. I also put one of their new adjustable hybrid clubs in my bag and like the irons it is amazingly easy to hit and has been a wonderful addition to my set. Would I recommend a set of irons like mine to anyone ... for sure YES!!! Thank you to Stacy and Nakashima Golf for a wonderful set of irons.

Morgan Morita - Hillsboro, OR

I won a driver fitting at a golf tournament. I only had one wood in my bag, a driver and I could not hit that very well. Could not hit a three wood and would not go near a rescue club. So I made an appointment with Stacy in Stockton. I walked out of that appointment with a new driver, three wood and rescue club. I was now killing my driver straight down the middle and loving the three and the rescue club. Stacy was extremely patient with me as I needed to work with him several times before I got everything to work right. I just bought a set of irons today and went out and shot an 83. Best day of my golfing life. Love the irons, love the game, and just wanted to thank Nakashima Golf and especially Stacy for all his help and insight. Thank you for giving me back the pure joy of hitting a great shot.

Carl Sette - Stockton, CA

I was fitted at the Nakashima Golf Studio in Palm Desert with NP5+ Tour Forged Irons (4-Lw). These Irons are perfect in every way (distance, accuracy, trajectory) and have the sweetest feel of any clubs I have ever hit. Nakashima Golf is the real deal!

Played nine holes today at my club- front nine from the blues, had a 40 and hit ALL Fairways with my new Ntec 2.80 Ti driver-Oban Devotion5 55 gm shaft. This gorgeous white head driver provided perfect height, trajectory, averaged about 260 per drive great and confidence inspiring set up at address thanks so much for your great work yesterday at your Palm Desert facility!

Jerry Newman - Palm Desert, CA

I want to thank Russell at the San Jose location for all of his help. I went in for a Driver and 3 wood fitting. After 2 1/2 patient hours, I went home with my new driver and 3 wood. We benchmarked my old driver and 3 wood and then went to work. We increased my average driver distance by 15 yards. My best drives are 30 yards longer. I had similiar results with my 3 wood. The next week I called Russell and asked if i could come in and spend some time on his measuring equipment to play with some of the adjustments on my club. He gladly accomodated me and I spent an hour hitting balls. Russell gave me some good tips from the data and I increased my longest drive by another 13 yards. Count me as a happy customer. I plan to go back for hybrids and irons. Thank you, Russell!!

Jerry Harmon - San Jose, CA

I just wanted to thank Jason FooSum (Nakashima Golf Studio Stockton) for all he did in contributing to the success of our daughters' golf games. They play all Nakashima equipment and were just fitted with the new Nakashima NP3+ Irons. Their first tournament out we had a 1st and a 3rd in an overall girls championship! All I can say is Wow! The entire experience at Nakashima is awesome! From the professional fitting, quality of equipment, personal touches of custom embroidery and custom paint, and overall customer service make the Nakashima experience second to none. We love the attention to detail and you always deliver.

John Orito - Fresno, CA

I visited Russell (Nakashima Golf Studio San Jose) about a month ago and purchased a driver-- I have waited this long to post a testimonial because I wanted to truly test out the driver. After a number of rounds of golf and numerous trips to the range I can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever done for my golf game. Russell was outstanding in fitting me for the driver and giving me a little extra instruction as to how to properly hit it (A driver is no good unless you know how to swing it). If you are in the slightest bit hesitant of making a purchase with Nakashima (yes a little expensive but well worth it) do no hesitate this is a great company living up to their promise to help your golf game. I usually hit my driver 220 at best (I am 61) and I can say that I recently hit a drive 269 yards (no gale winds and not downhill) farther than I have ever hit a drive. Of course this does not happen every time but I am consistently hitting my drives straight and about 235-240 yards. Do yourself a favor and visit Russell he is by far the most knowledgable individual and explains in terms easily understood and best of all he does care that you are satisfied with your purchase. Not much else to say expect do yourself a favor and at least visit Russell to get an idea what he can do for your game. Russell-- Thank You!

Jim Smith - Sunnyvale, CA

A big thank you to Russell (Nakashima Golf Studio San Jose) for his patience in fitting me with a new driver and fairway wood.  He was very knowledgeable and took time to explain to me the differences in Nakashima Clubs and others that are on the market.  I have never worked with a club fitter that spent as much time in wanting to make it right rather than to just make a sale.  In fact, I have tried many other clubs and have never bought one because I didn't feel they had my best interest at heart. Thank you for your help and I am so excited about my new clubs!

Jayne Hankison - Pebble Beach, CA

A huge thank you to Randy Pedersen (Nakashima Golf Studio Orlando) for fitting me with my new driver.  As I mentioned to Randy, this club has changed my game.  I have been hovering around a 3-5 handicap for the past few years. Since Randy built my driver my index has gone below one.  I have never hit another driver more consistently or further.  I will be going back to see Randy soon to fit more clubs.  I cannot say enough good things about the experience as well as the product.  Thanks again Randy.

Greg Harold, Jr. - Hawthorne, NJ

Thanks to Russell and Nakashima San Jose for outfitting me with the a fantastic set of irons, fairway wood and driver.  I'm still hitting some wayward shots (clubs can't fixed a flawed swing) but I'm been very pleased with the reduced variance in my misses (example: 5 yds right of target vs. 25 yds) and the results when the club makes pure contact (20 yds farther and on target). I'll never go back to off the shelf clubs!  Russell was fantastic to work with making sure I got the most out of my time in the studio.  Thanks Russell / Nakashima!

Brian Smith - San Francisco, CA

I was skeptical about the yardage increase promised by Nakashima. My custom fitting by Jason (Nakashima Golf Studio Stockton) was an eye opener and exceeded my expectations. I learned a great deal of information about ball flight that I was unaware of. (ball speed, launch angle and spin) The results have been as promised and more! The Nakashima crew added a consistent 30-40 yards to my driver and improved my mechanics dramatically. My congratulations to a well run, first class organization.

Dr. Dave Coward - Sacramento, CA

Thank you Nakashima Golf for the great set of clubs, the wonderful fitting services and for the genuine high quality service I have received from Jason (Nakashima Golf Studio Stockton). I am a mid handicapper with an inconsistent swing so I am sure I am not easy to fit (kind of like: "which swing will he produce this time?"). But Jason and the Nakashima staff, did not get frustrated with me and fitted me with the NP3 irons (I love having forged clubs) and with light weight shafts on my woods. I have less missed shots and a better game. I am now absolutley sure that all my flubbed shots com from my lousy swing and all excuses about wrong clubs are gone. You helped me find the enemy--and it is me. I love this game!

Bob Kavner - Pebble Beach, CA

Would you buy a suit without getting it fit? The Nakashima experience is a combination of fitting and top notch equipment. Russell at the San Jose location made this easy and beneficial. I first purchased the Ninja Wedges. My first chip with my 54 degree went in! I chipped in for birdie with my 60 degree the first two rounds as well! I had to get the irons if the wedges were this good. They have a super feel with forgiveness thanks to Russell making the Lie Angles just right for each iron. The irons produce more birdie looks every day! If you like golf, you deserve Nakashima!

Steve Oki - Danville, CA

My son and I have been with Nakashima equipment for three years now.  We both left Mizuno drivers, 3-metals, irons and wedges in favor of Nakashima.  Jason Foosum (Nakashima Golf Studio Stockton) was and remains our custom club fitter and we could not be happier with our results and the outstanding personal service we receive.  Playing Nakashima equipment, my son Michael was named the 2010 Northern California Junior Golf Tour Player of the Year and is on course to play major college golf somewhere in the United States.  Wherever he goes, I'm sure he will take his Nakashima clubs and continue his success. Where else can one go and get fitted and walk out the same day with clubs dialed in specifically to your personal needs.  No where!  I have been playing this crazy game for over 40 years and have owned practically every make of iron, wedge and driver.  Not one can match the quality and customer service we receive with Nakashima.  Thank you John Nakashima for making a quality product and ensuring quality customer service.  Jason Foosum is not only a great club fitter but has become a good friend as well.  Thanks Nakashima!

Rick Grenz - Rancho Murieta, CA

Nakashima clubs are my favorite by far. I have hit titleist, nike, taylormade and many others; but nothing compares to Nakashima golf clubs. They have the best results along with feel. I have noticed more conistency with my golf game since I've switched to Nakashima. I was fitted for my driver by Jason Foosum (Nakashima Golf Studio Stockton) and still use it today. He knows what he's doing, along with all the others in the company. Thank you Jason for your patience and working with me for this many years. I will never play any other club again.

Colten Passey - Lodi, CA

I'm really loving my Nakashima Driver.  I was a bit of a hard case with the fitting process but Randy and Aaron (Nakashima Golf Studio Orlando) showed a lot of patience and after 4 visits I got the club specs and performance I was looking for.  I'm a 5 handicap and last round shot a 2 under 70 to match my low round.  I'm using at least one club less from the fairway when I hit it well.  My misses are very playable and usually better than the results with my previous driver.  Thanks again guys!

Rick Nowicki - The Villages, FL

I just went through The Nakashima experience and it was a joy. I am an 8 handicap that was hitting the ball 210-220 yards. My swing had too many moving parts due to my driver not being fitted to me....and that flawed swing moved into my other clubs. Not only did I find a driver that I could hit consistently down the middle with proper flight path and 15 yards farther, this fitting changed my swing for the better...simple and repeatable. A wonderful side effect. It took longer than I expected yet Randy Pedersen and Aaron Pearl (Nakashima Golf Studio Orlando) never flinched. The final shaft is like "butter". I so appreciate the fact that I could get an honest opinion from another set of eyes and still give my feedback to what I was feeling when I hit the ball. And yes, I would do it all over again.

Vincent Powell - The Villages, FL

Our family can't say enough about Nakashima Golf. We have owned our clubs for a year now and what a difference they have made in all of our games. We all play at different levels from competitive to casual. Jason at Nakashima (Stockton) was so helpful in choosing the exact clubs for each individual. We never felt any pressure to purchase anything. The quality of all the Nakashima products are noticed right away. Everything is made to perfection and they stand by their product. It has been truly delightful to work with a company which has such high standards for their product and employees. We couldn't be happier with Nakashima and we all love watching our scores drop!

The Swimmer Family - Orinda, CA

The driver I purchased proved to make my drives at least 20-25 yards longer. I appreciated the time and care (1.5 hrs) that Russell at the SJ shop gave me in analyzing and prescribing the appropriate club for me. Without a doubt the club is expensive, but I feel it is well worth the money. There is no hard sell and the personal service, both before and after purchase, makes one feel valued, even though I'm not a good golfer, yet.....smile. As Russell says, the club is important, but the rest is up to me. The price of the Nakashima sounds intimidating, but consider it a good sound investment for one who wants to seriously improve one's game.

Roy Takeuchi - San Jose, CA

It's not often one gets to write about a pleasurable experience with the sale of golf clubs, especially weeks after the purchase.  Hitting it "longer, straighter and with more accuracy" is what every maker of golf equipment claims.  Too many fall short in this regard leaving the purchaser having to make all the adjustments in the weeks to follow just to get the 'new' clubs to hit like the old ones, often leaving frustration and justification to the purchase without any real major results.  Certainly in the past this was my experience. Hello, I'm John Lynch.  I'm 61 years young and have only been playing three years.  Of course my wife says with all the time allotted to golf,  I really have about 10 years experience.  During my three year stint with golf, like most addicts, I have taken numerous lessons, bought countless contraptions and purchased several sets of clubs.  All without any real major impact on my game.  That is until I met John Nakashima and his staff at my Club for a 'fitting'. Once through their meticulous fitting process and education about loft, spin rate and swing speed, my head was spinning and I was physically exhausted.  That is, until Jason (Nakashima Golf Studio Stockton) handed my first fitted club.  It was a seven iron.  I took it and hit several shots with yes of course, (you guessed it)  "more distance, accuracy and consistency".  The next was the five Iron, then the four.  Each club Mr. Nakashima's assistant, Jason handed me, I would hit a few times and he would then adjust, bend and torque it for my swing until it was dialed in like a musical instrument.  After glove fitting me with the irons came the real test, The Driver.  I was amazed!  But not as much as my playing partners.  I was out hitting them by 30 yards and down the middle! To say I\'m happy and would recommend my experience with others is an understatement.  I have shaved 7 strokes off my game and as soon as I get used to the new grooves on my 60 degree wedge, I'm sure I’ll improve more.  All this not to mention everyone on the course says that my clubs are the sexiest clubs they have ever seen.  Being over 60 I know little about sex these days, but Nakashima clubs... I know them really well! Thanks to all at Nakashima that assisted me in my fitting!

John Lynch - Coto de Caza, CA

I would like to tell you guys how much I appreciate the Driver that I got fitted for 3 years ago. With this Driver I gained 45 yards more and a world of a lot more accuracy with your Driver. I wouldn't go back to any other Driver in the world...Keep making good Product.. thanks!

Jon Paul Gaffney - Royse City, TX

I had a set of Nakashima clubs fit to me with the KBS shafts. They are the best clubs I have ever had. I have been a devoted Cleveland man for many years. I am glad I have made the change. Great clubs.

Bill Wofford - Baumholder, Germany

I just want to tell you how amazed I am at your drivers. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and got fitted for a Nakashima driver. The service was excellent and extremely professional (thanks to the guys from Kde). I must commend Nakashima Golf on their equipment which I highly recommend! I have gained about 15 meters!

Peter Wong - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Please allow me to express my appreciation for the wonderful service I received at your new Nakashima Golf Studio in Palm Desert, California last week. Not only was I made to feel extremely comfortable and welcome by your staff during my private appointment, I also learned a great deal about the key elements in my golf swing while I was being properly measured and fitted for new Nakashima clubs. The Launch Monitor device used as part of the “Nakashima Golf Experience” provided insightful information about my swing and led us to a successful fitting. The decision to reduce the weight of shaft I use for more speed and to match the shaft and the head to produce an effective trajectory for the golf ball to fly coupled with less ball spin has produced extremely positive and immediate results for me on the course. Truthfully, I had no idea how important it is to be measured and fit with “top-quality equipment” until I made this recent trip to your facility in Palm Desert. To say that I am excited about my new clubs is an understatement. In short, I feel my game will be lifted to a higher level with my new Nakashima golf clubs. I highly recommend Nakashima Golf Company to anyone sincerely interested in elevating their game to a new level of performance. Thank you for your professionalism and outstanding service.

Richard Carrubba - Phoenix, AZ

Nakashima Golf is the real deal. The quality of their equipment and custom fitting service is unbelievable! Now I know what they mean by. “It doesn't get any better!”

Grant - Palm Desert, CA

I was custom fitted with a Htec 460 driver & NP2 irons @ Nakashima golf in San Jose. Russell (my fitter) was great, my index has since declined 5 points (in the single digits) since the new sticks were put in my bag. The technology truely works and I couldn't be happier....Sid

Sid - Belmont, CA

I've played golf more than 60 years using various manufacturers equipment. At 71, I was custom fit to my Htec driver and 3 wood. I am now going on 73. I am 20 yds longer with a much tighter dispersion pattern. My best Sky Caddie measured drive this year was 278 yds. I enjoy hitting it by many of my younger friends. I am in the process of being fit for 2 to 4 utility metals. Several friends are now looking at Nakashima with their own interest.

Don Cripps - Princeton, NJ

Trust me!!! I've tried nearly every piece of I've tried all the left handed equipment from the major manufactures and Nakashima rocks!!! My first time out with my H-tech driver and I hit every fairway!!! Everyone!!! And I just did that again this past week. Plus I'm at least 15 yards longer. You will not be sorry.

Roy Collins - Woodbridge, CA

I was recently fitted with my new Htec 460 driver.The shaft that was decided is a diamana white board stiff.I am 55 years old and now hitting as far as 20 years ago.Gained min. 25 yards. Thanks Bill from novogolf Tappan N.Y.

John - Blauvelt, NY

I made a change to the Htec 460 driver, and the nx1 irons. I have seen more consistancy in my irons a dramatic increase in distance and accuracy off the tee. I have been shooting lower scores thanks to my Nakashima equipment. Thanks Nakashima Golf!!! (15 years old)

Tyler Lucas - Rock Hill, SC

I knew I needed a driver change when I saw my college buddy (SS) pounding it straight and long (300+). I knew if that scrawny little guy could hit it that long and straight I had to get his driver too. I got fitted at Studio in San Jose California and found the perfect combination of driver head and shaft for me. All I can say is it nice to be able to look back at your playing partners looking for their drives.... standing in the middle of the fairway.

Douglas Yokoyama - Swansea, IL

I was fitted on a Thursday for the NP5 irons. I did not have time to go to the driving range before a tournament on Saturday. So the first time I hit them was at the tournament. The irons were unbelieveable I hit every green in regulation with an Eagle on the fifth hole. These are the best iron I have ever hit. Thanks Nakashima Golf.

Dennis Faselli - Stockton, CA

Before I tried Nakashima I would be getting 285 to 290 yards out of my drives and about 10 yards off my target. However, now with the help of the Nakashima Htec 8.5 degree, my drives have increased by 25 yards in distance and are 1 to 2 yards off target at most and yet my swing hasn't changed at all. Thanks to the good people at Nakashima my golf has improved dramatically.

Oliver Mitchell - Glasgow, Scotland

I have to say I recently switched from my R5 TP driver to a Nakashima NP1 9* fitted with the Fuji 6w06 stiff shaft and i am amazed. I hit the R5 well and that had a spined grafalloy blue stiff which really suited my swing. I would estimate I am getting at least 20 yards extra carry on my drives now they are much tighter to centre. All in all I am very impressed and will be buying matching fairway woods in due course. Top notch equipment and beautifully put together. Thank you !!

Alan - London, England, UK

Nakashima Golf may not be cheep, but it is supremely satisfying. You can save money rather than buying bunch of un-fiting driver. The game is done, the result is seen, and Nakashima changes setting immediately. You can find best fitting club very easily. I have never tried many variation of shaft, head and different weightat at a time. I was treated like a PGA professional. You do not need to compromise with Nak. Thanks Stacy!

Shige - Palo Alto, CA

I bought a Ping Rapture driver last summer, and have found it to be quite inadaquate, when playing with my brother who hits a Nakashima Htec driver w/Diamana white board shaft. On average he hits it 50+ yards past me, unless I get lucky and hit a cart path. I am going to order mine today. Thank You Nakashima!

Richard R Baldridge - Monroe, WA

I recently purchased the Nakashima HTEC 10.5 Driver, HTEC 3 wood & HTEC 5 wood installed with the Matrix Studio graphite shafts. After playing 3 rounds I can honestly say, not only am I outdriving my friends with the driver but I can also do it with the 3 wood and keep everything in the fairway. I can't wait to get the HTEC Utility. My Tour Edge CB2 Exotics woods will be sitting in the bag with my back up set this year. Do yourself a favor and get fitted for these clubs.

TJ - Madison, NJ


Dave Bunfill - Plymouth, CA

I have started playing the nx1 strong 3 wood recently and let me tell you, I was amazed. It feels unlike any wood that I have previously hit. With an amazing ball flight and remarkable distance my Nakashima 3 wood is seriously turnning some heads but for the most part I have to turn my head and look back at my playing partners because thier drivers don't go this far. You have to try these products.

Brad B - Victoria, B.C.

I've never been formally fitted for clubs. After hearing about Nakashima golf and the technology they used to properly fit you, I figured I owed it to myself to check it out. John and his staff are very knowledgable and made me feel comfortable ... I think important when getting fitted. I ended up spending a quick hour trying different shaft / driver head combinations. It was amazing to me that with a simple twist of a wrench and voila an entirely new club was made, ... all this in a few short minutes. You can't imagine how fun it was to try so many different combinations. I ended up purchasing a 9.5 degree Htec driver with X Flex Diamana Blue Shaft. Now they say "the truth is in the pudding" ... I just returned from a golf trip where I played La Purisma, Sand Piper and Rancho San Marcos, courses in the Santa Barbara, CA area. My driver came through and I was killing it, with my buddies yelling "Nakashima!!" as my ball scooted past theirs. I have to say it was nice experience, this because until now, it never happened! Thank you to the staff at Nakashima golf.

Randy Baba - San Jose, CA

Prior to being custom fitted with a HTEC driver at Nakashima Fitting center, I had been playing with a UST V2 shafted Taylor Made R7. The overall fitting process takes about an hour and I was amazed to see how their process can analyze and break out the dynamics of an individual's swing. (launch angle, side spin, ball speed,club head speed and attack angle). Additionally impressive is the ability to change out numerous shafts along with various club heads (loft and face angles) all while utilizing the innovative concept of the removable hosel. These are great compliments to the entire process and all of this happens after each series of swings. Final Analysis: HTEC driver 10.5 with Graphalloy Epic Tour Stiff equating to +25 yards of carry in addition to shot dispersion improvement. Resulting in consistency,confidence and lower scores. Dead solid perfect Nakashima Golf. Thank you.

Darren Sera - San Jose, CA

25 more yards on my drives and 4 strokes off my index. Need I say more?!? Coming into the fitting I was very happy with my Taylor Made R7 9.5 TP driver and Fujikura Speeder Shaft. Other testimonials convinced me to book an appointment. At the Nakashima Facility, I was custom fit for a Htec driver on a launch monitor. The entire fitting took over 1 hour. The monitor provided feedback on side spin, back spin, angle of attack, launch angle, ball speed, club head speed, carry and total distance. All the variables gave me instant feedback on how the ball was reacting and it allowed the club fitter to easily dial me in. This was by far the most custom fitting I had ever seen. During the session, I was fit with multiple driver heads that ranged from 9.5 – 11.5 degrees loft and with face angles ranging from .5 degrees open to .5 degrees shut. This was complimented with several shaft combinations from Aldila, Diamana, Fujikura and Graphite Design. They were able to change shaft & head combinations for me in less than a minute. The end result was a 10.5 degree square face driver with a X Flex Diamana Blue Shaft. This combo increased my carry 25 + yards. More importantly, it narrowed down the dispersion of my shots. I am now able to take a more confident and aggressive swing knowing that the club is going to perform as expected. I’m hitting more fairways and am effectively hitting 2 clubs less into every hole. I’ve since dropped 4 strokes from my index. Thank you Nakashima Golf!!!

Dennis Namimatsu - Saratoga, CA

I was skeptical about custom club fitting as I thought, if you are a good golfer, you should be able to play most any club. However, upon being fitted for a Nakashima Htec driver and fairway metal, I now realize the true value of being properly fitted and playing equipment specifically designed for your swing. Upon changing over to the Htec driver a few months ago, I not only added 25+ yards to my drives but my "shot pattern" has improved dramatically. Matching club head and shaft with my swing has without a doubt improved the accuracy of my tee shots. I am also playing Nakashima utility metals and wedge and am such a believer in their product I plan to begin playing their irons soon.

Mark Maeyama - Pleasant Hill, CA

I was having a very dificult time finding a driver that would bring back my length off the tee in addition to providing forgiveness and good looks. I bought 3 drivers over the course of one summer and none worked. A former player of mine told me about the Nakashima so I tried it. On my!!! Unbelievably long and straight. I'm hitting the ball longer than EVER! I drove the fringe of a 357 yard par four in our city championship! A local pro, sponsored by Callaway, at a long drive qualifier tried mine versus his FT-5; needless to say, he outdrove his callaway by 20 yards using my "Nak". He literally went in his office and looked for one on e-bay!!! I can go on and on! Ultimately, my NP-1 is the best driver I've EVER had-hands down!!!

Paul Kielwasser - Monroe, LA

I resently purchased a Htec driver from a specialist club distributer in Brisbane, Australia. I had spoken to a guy at the local driving range whom I witness smashing a bucket of balls 300metres into the back net of the driving range. His words of advise was to get correctly fitted with a shaft matching my club head speed to the Nakashima Driver. I was already using another club not widely known in Australia but on the internet had won many Remax world long distance drive championships.I was using an Aldila NV shaft and liked it a lot , I was getting 260 - 270metres on a driving range that was inclined upwards, so there is no roll on with the ball.When I purchased the Nakashima Htec I also upgraded to the latest Aldila VS proto shaft 70gram S flex as my swing speed is 108 mph, WOW I'm now hitting 290m - 300metres up and inclined driving range , and I'm a social player. Last week I went to a social Corporate day after receiving an invite. The club was performing very well all day, I stepped up to the 11th hole 295 metres a nice reasonably flat straight drive. I thought here goes I'd been talking it up all day , nows the time to show what it can do, I lined it up hit it well and it went 15 metres past the hole 310 metres.There where 3 others that witnessed it and I think I could have sold 3 Nakashima's on the spot. I love it.

Graham Hayes - Brisbane, Australia